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High Court of Sikkim
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List of Telephone Numbers

STD Code : 03592

Download Telephone Directory 2024

Sl No Name and Designation Telephone Number
Office Residence
1 Hon’ble Mr. Justice Biswanath Somadder
Chief Justice, High Court of Sikkim,
Bungalow No. 13, VIP Colony, Gangtok
202535,202412(Fax) 204624,203485(Fax)

Hon'ble Mrs. Justice Meenakshi Madan Rai,
Judge, High Court of Sikkim,
"NAHUM KHIM", M.M. Rasaily Road, Sichey, Gangtok

202355(Tele-Fax) 208814(Tele-Fax)
3 Hon'ble Mr. Justice Bhaskar Raj Pradhan,
Judge, High Court of Sikkim,
Bungalow No. 14, VIP Colony, Gangtok
202340,203379(Tele-Fax) 206513,202161

List of Telephone Number of the High Court Registry

STD Code : 03592


Sl No Name and Designation Email-ID Telephone Number
Office Residence
1 Mr. Prajwal Khatiwada,
Registrar General, 
High Court of  Sikkim. 202280,203529(FAX) 201390, 9474837940(M)
2 Ms. Sonam Denka Wangdi,
High Court of Sikkim. 209403 8768464441(M)
3 Mr. Sonam Palden Bhutia
Registrar (Judicial Service),
High Court of Sikkim.
4 Mr. Benoy Sharma
Central Project Coordinator, e-Courts Project
High Court of Sikkim. 220658 9593259437(M)
5 Mr. Prosenjit Manna,
Additional Registrar-cum-Principal Private Secretary to HCJ 208395,202535 284053, 9593782976(M)
6 Mr. Dipak Saha,
Additional Registrar-cum-PS to Hon'ble Judge I 202355(Tele-Fax) 203724, 9434070444(M)
7 Mr. Kamal Chettri,
Joint Registrar-cum-Reader
  207252 9775969576(M)

Mr. Rudra P. Rimal
Joint Registrar(IT)/Protocol Officer
(Incharge Protocol & General Section) 209402 7908452268(M)
9 Mr. Thokchom Indrajit Singh
Joint Registrar   9647874795(M)

Mrs. Binita Pradhan
Deputy Registrar-cum-Private Secretary to Hon'ble Judge
202340, 203379(Tele-Fax) 9734013311(M)

Mr. Avilash Kumar
Deputy Registrar-cum-Private Secretary to Hon'ble Chief Justice  



12 Miss. Darshana Gurung
Deputy Registrar (Judicial), 207252 9002999953(M)
13 Mr. Basant Pradhan
Deputy Registrar,


14 Mrs. Sarlaj Subba
Deputy Registrar(Accounts)  
15 Ms. Paulen Lhamu Chettri
Assistant Registrar (Confidential) 202109 9800082167(M)
16 Ms. Daffne Tamang
Reader   8145306554(M)
17 Ms. Samjata Pradhan
18 Ms. Aruna Chettri
Assistant Registrar (Establishment Section)   7872969762(M)
19 Shri. Neeraj Rajalim
Court Officer, Public Information Officer
(Incharge Establishment Section)   8509190788(M)
20 Ms. Madhumita Lama
Private Secretary attached to Registrar (JS)
21 Ms. Tshering Omgmu Bhutia
Private Secretary attached to Hon'ble Judge
22 Mr. Nithil Raika Thapa
Assistant Registrar(Library)   7001678719(M)
23 Mr.Damber Singh Subba
Accounts Officer
24 Mrs. Panita Lama
Assistant Registrar (IT)   9735907645(M)
25 Mr. Tenzing Norbu Bhutia
Senior System Officer   7797983385(M)
26 Mr. Sujeet Pradhan
Assistant Registrar (Confidential Section)
  205152(Fax) 9564508409(M)
27 Mr. Naresh Sharma
Software Programmer   9647892010(M)
28 Mr. Om Prakash Sharma
Software Programmer   9564135614(M)
29 Mr. Sagar Sigdel
Software Programmer   7797993682(M)
30 Mr. Ramesh Sharma
Software Programmer   8388817044(M)
31 Mr.Siddharth Lama
Stenographer Grade-II to Hon'ble Judge   7001061561(M)
32 Mr. Wangyel Bhutia
Head Assistant (Protocol)
33 Mr. Pradeep Pradhan
34 Mr. Bimal Sherpa
35 Mr. Bikram Thapa
  Sikkim Judicial Academy 231543, 231542