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High Court of Sikkim
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Hon’ble Mr. Justice Biswanath Somadder
Name Hon’ble Mr. Justice Justice Rajinder Sachar
Date of Birth 22/12/1923
Initial Joining 12/02/1970
Joining at Sikkim 16/05/1975
Served at Sikkim Upto 06/05/1976
Duration 11 months 21 days
  • Born on 22/12/1923, Educated at D.A.V. High School, Lahore, Government College, Lahore and Law College, Lahore, Enrolled Advocate on 22/4/1952 at Shimla and on 8/12/1960 in Supreme Court. Practiced in all types of Civil, Criminal and Revenue CasesHe was transferred to Rajasthan High Court and finally transferred back to the Delhi High Court on 9th July 1977.
  • Appointed Additional Judge, Delhi High Court from 12/02/1970. Appointed Permanent Judge on 5/7/1972. Appointed Acting Chief Justice of the Sikkim High Court with effect from 16/05/1975.
  • Transferred to Rajasthan High Court as Judge with effect from 06-05-1976. Retransferred to Delhi High Court on 09-07-1977. Appointed Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court on 06-08-1985. Retired on 22.12.1985.
  • Passed away on 20.04.2018.