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High Court of Sikkim
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Submitted by drupal on Fri, 10/22/2021 - 11:15
Name Hon’ble Mr. Justice Mohan Lall Shrimal
Date of Birth 04/01/1923
Initial Joining 07/10/1974
Joining at Sikkim 17/12/1983
Served at Sikkim Upto 03/01/1985
Duration 1 yrs 18 days
  • Born on 4th January, 1923.
  • Educated at Maharana Bhupal College, Udaipur, Christian College, Indore and Holkar College, Indore.
  • Enrolled Pleader of the Mewar High Court at Udaipur in the former Mewar State on 8.2.1948 and Advocate of the Rajasthan High Court at Jodhpur on 20.5.1951.
  • Did Civil, Criminal, Revenue and Taxation and Writs works at Udaipur, Durgapur, Banswara and Jodhpur.
  • Deputy Government Advocate from 1.9.1966 to 24.10.1969.
  • Additional Govt. Advocate from 25.10.1969 to 12.7.1973.
  • Government Advocate-cum-Additional Advocate General, Rajasthan from 13.7.1973 to 30.9.1974.
  • Additional Judge of the Rajasthan High Court from 7th October, 1974. Appointed Permanent Judge on 10.5.1976.
  • Transferred and appointed Chief Justice, Sikkim High Court on 17.12.1983.
  • Retired on 03.01.1985.