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High Court of Sikkim
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Notification No. 08/HCS dated 26.08.2022 regarding "Recruitment Committee" for recruitment of candidates in the cadre of Sikkim Judicial Service for the year, 2022 View
Vulnerable Witness Deposition Centre (VWDC) Committee constituted vide Notification No. 79/Confdl./HCS dated 10.03.2022 View
Notification No. 15/HCS dated 21.06.2018, Hon'ble the Acting Chief Justice is pleased to re-constitute the Internal Complaints Committee in terms of the High Court of Sikkim (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Regulation, 2013 View
Notification No. 08/HCS dated 20.07.2020 on Mediation Monitoring Committee View
Notification No 44/HCS High Court Committee for Sensitization of Family Court Matters Dated:25/09/2019 View
Office Order No 242/HCS Dated 05/08/2019 View
Notification No 20/HCS Committee for publication of Sikkim Law Report of High Court of Sikkim Dated 05/08/2019 View
Notification No 19/HCS Dated:03/08/2019 View
Notification No 48/Confdl/HCS Dated 29/11/2018 View
Notification No 26/HCS Mediation Monitoring Committee of Sikkim Dated:06/09/2018 View
Notification No.3(114)/Accts/HCS/24 Dated04.09.2018 View
Notification No 54/HCS Committee for Sikkim Judicial Academy Dated 30-08-2018 View
Notification No 15/HCS Internal Complaints Committee Dated 21..06.2018 View
Notification No 13/HCS Dated 14-05-2018 Hon'ble the Chief Justice is pleased to reconsitute the committee specified at Sl No [8] for monitor the Infrastructure Development in the Subordinate Courts View
Memo No 43/HCS Dated 25/11/2017 to constitute Editorial Board for publication of Quarterly Newsletter of High Court of Sikkim View