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High Court of Sikkim
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Date Number Subject View
61/JUDL/HCS Sikkim Civil Court Practice Rules relating to reduction of delay in disposal of Execution Cases,2023 View
60/JUDL/HCS High Court of Sikkim hereby frames this module on Judicial Sensitivity to Sexual Offences to be tested in Judicial Services Examination. View
Notification No. 55/HCS Sikkim High Court Computer Cadre Service (Amendment) Rules, 2023 View
Notice No. 54/ESTT./HCS The High Court of Sikkim (Recruitment, Conditions of Service and Conduct) Amendment Rules, 2023 View
Notification No. 46/HCS/Confdl Regarding amendment of Sikkim High Court (Designation of Senior Advocates) Rules, 2019 View
Notification No. 46/Home/2023 Retired Judges' Secretarial Assistance and Domestic Help (Amendment) Rules,2023 View
Notification No. 13/HCS Revised Guidelines for Recruitment of Judicial Officers Through Open Competitive Examination-2023. View
Notification No. 7/SJA ikkim Judicial Academy Employees (Appointment, Conditions of Service and Conduct) Rules, 2020 View
Notification No. 25/Confdl/HCS Guidelines for purchase of books for Court Library and Residential Library of Subordinate Courts in the State of Sikkim View
Notification No. 10/HCS High Court of Sikkim (Designation of Senior Advocates) Rules, 2019 View
Circular No V(38)A/Confdl/HCS Circular for Subordinate Courts (Method of Recruitment and Conditions Service) Shall not be fixed on working days for smooth functioning of courts. View